Future Innovations from Sera Prognostics

Sera Prognostics leads in the use of proteomic science, advanced bioinformatics, and multidimensional data analysis to develop and improve early and accurate risk predictors of under-identified pregnancy complications. Sera follows best practices and authoritative National Academy of Medicine guidelines to properly validate tests that combine multiple biomarkers in predictions that are appropriate for clinical use.

Sera works with leading researchers and clinical experts in the U.S. and internationally to prospectively evaluate its clinically validated tests under real-world patient use conditions.  Sera is also collaborating with multiple healthcare providers in the U.S. to quantify the benefit of its PreTRM® strategy – to use standard medical interventions to proactively treat mothers found to be at high risk for prematurity by the PreTRM® Test.

In addition to preterm birth, Sera’s proteomic technology platform discoveries cover a large number  of serious pregnancy-related conditions, through biological insights with the potential to improve pregnancy outcomes.

"Systems biology and medicine – not only in the lab but in the everyday lives of people – challenges the imagination and will transform the 21st Century."

Lee Hood, MD, PhD
Co-Founder & President, Institute for Systems Biology
National Medal of Science Recipient, 2012