July 30, 2018. Lead Bioinformatics Analyst

Lead bioinformatics analyst

Sera Prognostics, Inc., a women’s health care company, is seeking a highly successful Lead Bioinformatics Analyst to analyze large volumes of proteomic and genomic, clinical and research datasets for our company located in Salt Lake City.


  • Uses bioinformatic and statistical best practices, generating shared code and practices, to contribute to development of and achieve Sera objectives in creative, strategic ways.
  • Lead members of own and other teams on tasks related to analysis of large proteomics, genomic, and immunoassay datasets and develop predictive models.
  • Contribute collaboratively to cross-functional teams, leading development of solutions to highly complex problems.
  • Lead scientists and statisticians in developing and applying classification models.
  • Lead initiatives in developing our statistics and bioinformatics shared codebase under version control.
  • Lead bioinformatics tasks in the development of intellectual property and company publications, composing and compellingly presenting complex information with clear, persuasive graphics.
  • Under supervision of team manager, work collaboratively across teams, defining necessary criteria, processes and procedures. Support team members in prioritizing and organizing teamwork to meet Sera objectives in collaboration with line management.
  • Assist in development and implementation of robust, general approaches for maintenance of own computing environment(s), and share with team.
  • Build consensus, work as a team and contribute to the Sera culture.
  • Honor Sera’s core values: mission, smarts, diligence and integrity.


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August 11, 2016. Medical Technologist/Medical Laboratory Scientist

Medical Technologist/Medical Laboratory Scientist

Sera Prognostics, Inc., a women’s health care company, is seeking a highly successful Medical Technician/Medical Laboratory Scientist to provide both technical and non-technical services the Sera Clinical Laboratory. The Medical Technician/Medical Laboratory Scientist will perform laboratory tests to provide physicians with rapid and accurate test results.


Under general supervision of a certified laboratory manager:

  • Performs highly complex analytic processes without direct supervision. Uses both routine and specialized laboratory procedures and/or techniques for which he/she is qualified, trained, and demonstrates competency according to established lab standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  • Operates laboratory instruments and ensures proper functioning of laboratory equipment. Performs routine maintenance and minor troubleshooting under the direction of the Instrument Control Engineer. Maintains records and documentation of maintenance.
  • Understands appropriate specimen collection, handling, and transport procedures. Prepares specimens for analysis and determines acceptability of samples within guidelines.
  • Assists in general functions of all areas of Sera Prognostics’ laboratories, including: assay and system validations, cleaning, calibrating and monitoring testing equipment.
  • Assists in validation and maintenance of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).
  • Maintains a safe laboratory environment and complies with Sera policies and safety procedures.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.
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